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Thomas LaboulleChief Executive Officer

Thomas is a Belgian entrepreneur with a versatile background and a well-rounded profile. As a former infantry officer he lives by loyalty, discipline and hard work. Consequently, he leads by example and is able to perform effectively in complex and difficult environments. After a successful transition to management consulting early 2011, he launches his own boutique firm, Mundito, in 2012. Different international projects across multiple industries will push him to expand his business to Southeast Asia in 2014.

His passion for new technologies will thrive in Singapore as he collaborates in pioneering digital business models for various clients before being appointed as GlobalRoam’s CEO. Thomas remains the Chairman of Mundito and is also the VP for the Belgian and Luxembourg Association of Singapore. He holds a degree in social and military sciences from the Royal Military Academy of Brussels, two postgraduate degrees from the University of Leuven - business studies and corporate finance, as well as an executive master in IT management from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.